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“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it” -Estée Lauder 
RazzleDazzle is a woman owned and women run business, however we are not the only woman focused business out there. In order to highlight our fellow sisters we will be providing a platform  for these women to share their stories and businesses  through series titled Women Celebrating Women. In this series we will highlight strong, independent women who work every single day to create their own careers. Each week we will showcase one brilliant woman, a different type of post each week, an introduction post, then a blog, then a relationship post and finally capping off the month with a Skype interview. I hope you join us on this journey of woman empowerment. 

May the fire of passion ever present in every woman keep burning

Angana Ray

Angana Ray

"Hi, this is Angana!

Angana is the creator and master mind behind Mighty coders, a coding institute where our next zen young coders gets an opportunity to sharpen their skills. She is running this coding institute successfully for several years

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