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Looking for the perfect blouse to match your style? Look no further! Our Blouse Stitching Shop is here to bring your fashion dreams to life. From traditional to trendy, we've got you covered!





Welcome to Razzel Dazzel Online

From thread to weave, every line, color, and design shows our beauty, our passion, and our ability to be more and do more. That’s what a woman is. I am proud to be a woman and proud to announce Razzeldazzel Fashion is a woman lead and woman-owned company. I am a mom, I am an actor and I am an entrepreneur who is carrying out her family legacy in this distant foreign land. 1947 was the iconic year when a nation was born, a dream was born as well. My grandfather ventured into the world of handloom. Being the son of the soil, he was immersed in the textile trade in Bishnupur, West Bengal. As the nation took shape so continued his and my family's journey into the world of textile. The passion and belief he instilled in the family runs in my veins today and Razzeldazzel Fashion is an expression of that passion and belief.

I live in Folsom, CA with my 2 cool fun daughters, 3 four-legged kiddos, and my husband. RazzelDazzel is not only my profession but my passion, And so i care for my customers wholeheartedly. I want my customers to have the best experience with their purchases. I personally oversee the whole production from start to end to ensure quality. Our fabrics are real, pure, and woven with extreme love and care by top-skilled artisans. We use natural colors, organic fabrics, and pure handwork. Every saree we weave is a work of art. After all… as you know,

​“When you buy something from an artist you’re buying more than an object.

You are buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation.

You’re buying years of frustration and moments of joy.

You’re not just buying a thing,

you’re buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul……..

and a small piece of someone else’s life “


We endeavor to blend India’s artistic traditions, hinged with modern functionality and aesthetics.

Join us in our journey as we strive to bring the finest woven stories straight out of the looms of India, hand-crafted with love.


Sustainable. Beautiful. Ethical.


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