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Angana Ray

"Hi, this is Angana!

Mighty Coders, run by Angana Ray, is a coding academy that helps children ages 7-14 develop a passion for programming. After completing her Masters in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, she dreamt of owning a business someday. She embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by acquiring Mighty Coders in March 2021.

Today, Mighty Coders is filled with students who are excited to participate in coding activities. Angana's vision of making coding accessible to youth has propelled the rapid expansion of Mighty Coders. She passionately believes that coding will shape the future generation. According to her, coding holds immense importance and should be integrated into mainstream school curricula alongside subjects like Math and Science.

Mighty Coders teaches a variety of coding languages, starting from block coding with Scratch, Web design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, followed by game design, and finally advanced coding with Python and Java. Last year, Mighty Coders incorporated a robotics program, which has gained significant popularity and is now an integral part of summer camps and other school events, where demonstrations inspire young minds to embrace coding. This year marked a significant achievement for Angana, as Mighty Coders emerged as a selected after-school vendor, entrusted with the responsibility of delivering coding education to students directly within multiple schools across the Greater Seattle area. This recognition underscores the exceptional quality of Mighty Coders' curriculum and the organization's commitment to empowering students with essential coding skills in a convenient and immersive learning environment.

Beyond her accomplishments as a businesswoman, Angana is a wife and mother of two wonderful children. Her family serves as a vital source of support for her at Mighty Coders, with her kids actively volunteering and assisting during camps and events. She also has a passion for dance and has showcased her talent through numerous performances on stage. As a multi-talented individual, she consistently leaves an impression on everyone she meets. Stay tuned for an insightful interview with the remarkable Angana Ray and more exciting updates about Mighty Coders.

Angana Ray
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