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Blouse Stitching Shop

Looking for the perfect blouse to match your style? Look no further! Our Blouse Stitching Shop is here to bring your fashion dreams to life. From traditional to trendy, we've got you covered!



  • Fabrics/Sarees - you can get your fabrics/sarees picked from our shop (or) buy fabrics from us...

  • Send your Sarees - you can shop from any online store and ship to our address, we will make custom blouses, sarees fal pico & and innerskirt, and deliver them back to you...

  • Measurements - we will schedule a video call for measurements (lady), or you can also send us our Super Easy Online Measurements form.

  • Designs - for simple blouses see this order chart, for more options see neckline designs here (below) or suggest your design. We can replicate any design you find on the Web/Insta/Movies, celebrity styles, Bollywood, and Tollywood.

  • Delivered across the USA 

  • Time to make ready - 20 to 25  days 

With this specially designed step by step measurement guide we have been able to deliver perfect fit blouses to our customers worldwide. All you need is a friends help and a measuring tape. All measurements are in inches. Breathe normal, the measuring tape must not be held too tight or too loose, hold it just right that it does not slip over while measuring. Do not add or subtract to the readings, our expert tailors will take into account required adjustments while making your order.

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