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1947 the iconic year when a nation was born, a dream was born as well. My grandfather ventured into the world of hand loom. Being the son of the soil he immersed into the textile trade in Bishnupur, West Bengal. As the nation took shape so continued his and my family’s journey into the world of textile. The passion and belief he instilled in the family runs in my veins today and Razzel Dazzel is an expression of that passion and belief.

The thought process behind Razzel Dazzel is to bring a slice of Bengal into your lives. We offer an abundant choice of traditional woven Somamukhi Silks in forms of Bengal’s heritage – the Kantha, Tossors and Silk Sarees. The taste and passion that has been passed on across generations. The sarees are hand woven in our family operated mills at Bishnupur in West Bengal and designed by our indigenous designers based in India.

Razzel Dazzel brings to you an unique opportunity to select from the exclusive and wide variety of choices.


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